Our Story

J.C.L. Education (New Zealand) 2014 Ltd is an educational consultancy formed in 1992 as a response to many enquiries from overseas teachers and administrators to visit our classrooms in New Zealand and observe our reading and writing programmes in action.

As a result of this, over the last twenty years, we have produced educational resources, including videos and teacher resource books; presented at international conferences and provided practical seminars and workshops for teachers and educational administrators throughout the United States of America, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Botswana Africa, Lima Peru, Nairobi Kenya, Papua New Guinea and in New Zealand.

We also offer opportunities for educators, teachers and student teachers to experience and observe a New Zealand classroom in action.

Educators and teachers have the opportunity to stay with an experienced New Zealand teacher and participate in classroom programmes.

Student teachers from overseas Universities are offered the opportunity to spend five, seven, eight or ten weeks in a New Zealand primary or secondary school to observe and practice skills and techniques in New Zealand.

JCL have been involved with the hosting and placement of student teachers from the United States of America since 1993.

We offer a quality professional service not only to our students but also to our home stay families and the schools they are placed in.

We are now offering the opportunity for all student teachers, University faculty and teachers, to visit New Zealand between June and August – during the summer break to observe classroom programmes in action.

These groups could visit for shorter periods i.e. 1-4 weeks.

During their time in New Zealand participants will stay with a New Zealand family.

They will also have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the sights and natural beauty of New Zealand in their own time.

Meet Our Team

Judy KnottDirector judy@jcledu.co.nz
Judy KnottDirector judy@jcledu.co.nz
Educational Consultant
Mary McDonaldDirectormary@jcl.co.nz
Educational Conultant
Mary McDonaldDirectormary@jcl.co.nz
Educational Consultant